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Turkey in old smoke n grill...

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Side fire box is long gone so I'd have to put the fuel directly in the main cooker. My thought is that it will be too shallow and really hot in there. Any thoughts or experience with this? TIA

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 Is there room for the fuel at one end and the bird on other other? Might have to keep feeding a small fire  though.



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Yes, I use to do everything like that ;. Build a 'small' fire at one side and check your temp. befroe you place the Bird in the Smoker. A dual probe  OR  an Over therm.


You can attain high temps. that way , crisp skin will be nice and crispy when coking at 300*F to 350*F .


Have good clean Smoke on the Turkey throughout the cook . Don't get biger than a 14lb. bird or it will take too long


. You;ll be cooking 'about' 6 to 7 hrs., but go by Temp. in the Middle of the Breast meat . , make sure the Therms. are calibrated and follow them to the point of 165*F in the Breast , the Legs and Thighs will be about 170*F ,


good to go...


Be safe this T-day , and as always . . .

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Thanks. I haven't looked at the turkey yet, my MIL bought it. I'm gonna spatchcock it either way. Which end do you suggest building the fire? I just have an aluminum pizza pan covering the hole where the firebox was.

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