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"Beer Can Turkey?"

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Howdy and Happy Holidays, I have a beer can turkey stand and want to smoke my turkey this year in my MES 30.. but without the beer. Have any of you fine gents tried this method and are there any pros and cons to this form of cooking turkey.. Now I have done beer can chicken and had excellent results. This will be my first Turkey in my new mes, For last 10yrs My kettle grill indirect turkeys have been legendary delicious!!.... (luckily mom is doing a traditional oven bird also so if it doesn't come out good I can say a vulture snatched it up and flew south wit it.). ha ha  :smile: Thanks

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Yup you can stand it up and let it go. It should be a tasty bird.

Happy smoken.


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Post Q-view.....

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18 pound turkey smoked at 275 for 4 hrs, Also did monster legs and wings(brined 24hrs kosher salt/sugar/fresh garlic) day before thanksgiving! Everything came out excellent! Used Hickory/Alder wood chips combo on Turkey and pecan on the Limbs!








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