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Sunday Jerky Run

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Hey Guys,


Decided yesterday to start a batch of Honey BBQ jerky. Went to teh butcher and got a nice 4lb Bottom round roast. Came home sliced it up and put it in marinade. marinade consisted of Hi-Country's Smoky Bar-B-Que jerky spice, and 1 Tbsp of honey per pound of meat. I really like hi-country's spice mix, has a nice taste when you add some honey and cracked black pepper to it. woke up this morning and got it set out on my Nesco dehydrator, i live in a small apartment so i currently dont have the space for a smoker :( . took a few pics for you guys to take a look.




Got the machine running now, and will post pics of the final product when its done. Ive been making jerky for about 5-6 years now, but this is my first time posting to the community, seems like a great place to meet new firends and share tips and ideas. any questions or comments are welcomed.

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Your off to a good start. Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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Lookin great man ! Been making my own jerky for years & it sure does spoil ya to make your own & not eat that store bought stuff !

Be back to see how it turns out..... When I dehydrate, I use a Nesco as well ! Looks like some good snackin your gonna have soon ! Homemade jerky & cheers.gif ! Tasty !
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Update.... Jerky is coming off, tastes nice, good BBQ flavor with a hint of smoke, the honey sweetens it up a bit. The jerky has a nice heat which creeps up on you after a few pieces.


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It looks great !

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That looks really good! I can't even stand the store bought stuff anymore, even in a jerky emergency when I buy it I do not like it.

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  Finished product looks really great!



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Nothing wrong with that stuff! Nice work!

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Damn that looks good. I do enjoy the Hi Mountain jerky seasonings, I recommend them all the time. Love the Nesco dehydrator, that is my personal choice as far as best bang for the buck. Make sure you rotate them trays, top to bottom, bottom to top about halfway through cooking time. Hope it comes out good.


Post up pics of finished product!!

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Did you slice that by hand or with a meat slicer ?  Looks really good.

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all sliced by hand :)

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Looks really good!
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