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venison roast

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So because I have never smoked Venison before let alone a roast what are your suggestions. What temp? I am putting it in a foil pan should I add something to the pan like I add apple juice to the pan for my pork shoulder? It will be in the smoker with 2 5+ pound pork shoulders. I have a rub already but any other suggestions? It is about a 2-3 lb piece of meat. Thanks
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I always drape mine with bacon. Venison can end up dry, no matter what you try to do.

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Yes, do not over do it. I usually shoot for 135 to 140 IT


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Ok. Would it help to use olive oil as a glue for the rub and adding a little more brown sugar to help bark it up? Also would pecan/apple be an ok mix for wood?
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I have used olive oil before. You can even use water really.  I do not have apple here in Florida, but would use Pecan/Cherry with no problem.

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Cool thanks.
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Pecan/Apple sounds like a great combination for venison.


I just remembered once that I rubbed a deer roast with bacon grease, cut holes and inserted garlic, and wrapped it in bacon. That one didn't last long!


Let it have a good rest once you pull it before you start to slice, too, or you will lose a lot of the juices.


And PLEASE post pics of your roast! thumb1%20copy.gif

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Thanks for the ideas my friends I will for sure be posting qviews as this project commences.
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Before the smoke. Sorry thought I had a better before pic.
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So we just got done with dinner and it was awesome. Plated it with some loaded baked potato balls and green beans(absent from photo). Thank you all for the help and suggestions.
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That looks delicious! 

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Thanks bertman. I used your advice on draping the bacon. Before I shut the door I spritzed it with apple juice. Used the apple/pecan mix of wood. The roast cooked in 2 hrs.
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Hey so im going to be doing my first piece of venison.  was wondering what you did for the rub 

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A friend made me a rub for the venison he gave me. But I would use salt pepper with maybe a bit of dried onion and a little garlic powder if I did it again. Very simple and not over bearing with flavor. If I do merinade i go with straight Worcester sauce in a baggie over night
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PatG, thanks for this thread. I love the search bar in this forum. I can find all sorts of stuff. I've got a roast in the freezer from this past season that I'm planning to do soon. I'm going to take your "if I do it again" advice when I do mine. Thanks again!
- Ryan
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Thats why we all come here. This forum is a treasure chest of ideas from guys and gals who are all great people. I have learned so much from them and gained a ton of confidence in my cooking based off of reviews and help from here. Thank you for the kind words Ryan
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