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Cold smoking season 2014-2015: sockeye salmon

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We have long winters here in of the good sides: long cold smoking season.

Starting with some sockeye salmon I had in the freezer since september .

I got six filets like these:

I froze them in water...there are a few spots with torn flesh from the process. I use this method a lot on waleye, perch, cod, haddock, never had this issue.

I separated the bellies and the tail.

Wraped in plastic for 12h with salt, brown sugar and juniper berries. The tail and belly pieces had less mixture on.

After 12 hours...drying in mother nature's cold room.

Plan for the first smoke tonight.
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Look great.  I'm cold smoking some Lox tomorrow.

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Just finished vac packing four smoked sockeye fillets myself.  Did two king fillets two days ago. Next will be around ten pounds of the four year old cheddar. All will be for the holidays.


Enjoy your fish.



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After 10 hours of smoke (2x5)

There are 3 more filet pieces like those in the pic and a bunch of tail and belly pieces.

After some rest in the fridge I will decide if another 4-5h is needed (for filet only).
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Only in the smoking business you get tail when you have belly.

Belly and tail sliced for freezing.

Filets back in the smoker for the third round.

Did I show you my cold smoking contraption?

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The sockeye look great, have done a lot of Kings, some Kokanee but never Sockeye but did have some smoked at a friends last night. It was very good, I really liked the texture!

What is your smoke box made from? Looks good!

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Thank you. Here "out east" we don't have a lot of choice in salmon (atlantic and mostly sockeye from the west when in season). Gotta move west.

The box is made of Aluminum.
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Something you fabricated yourself?
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Originally Posted by azbohunter View Post

Something you fabricated yourself?
Oh, no. Would had probably cost me as much as the smoker. :-) it's a test box we scrapped at the office. It even has Ethernet and RS-232 ports! Will take a pic of the back panel tomorrow.

It's not a firebox - just an enclosure for an AMNPS.
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As promised here is my multi interface cold smoking mod (backplane view)

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And the star of the show

Plated with his hot smoked brother
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Good luck and good smoking.

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That is why they call Sockeye "Reds".

Beautiful plate right there!


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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks great nice job



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