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Potato Soup

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Well , still can't do  the Smoking thing :icon_evil: , but Trish got me the fixins for Potato soup. So , since I need to post something , I give you a nice Winter Warmer...


     Potatoes        onion

      Cut nicely   chopped...


    Celery...        Milk and Half and Half ,


Butter...This is no diet Soup...:biggrin:


 also chopped  Bacon...


 melted Butter...  added Milk and Cream and


scalded them so they would not curdle...


 put it all in a pot and brought to a boil , then I placed it in the slow cooker for the rest of the day...


 Man , the smell , oh , yes , Garlic is in the party...


 Be sure to season several times , Potatoes like Salt and you'll need to check for your taste.. CBP and Patience...


I added the crispy bacon and saved a bit to put on top of the serving bowl...


This prep. only took 30min. , the cook is going to be till Trish gets off at 11:00pm.


I'll show the finish In the morning ... well , later for you night owls ; but it will be there tomorrow.:cool:



I'll show the finish later . . . patience folks :drool


Have fun and . . .

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Well I couldn't wait . had to have some...Richer than 10ft. up a Bull's Rear... but Gooooooood:drool


Sooothing to this old man...


Thanks for looking and I hope you try some...


Have fun and. . .

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That is one sexy bowl of goodness. I think I love you. :drool:

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I'll send this , if you send Wood...  :ROTF

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Wow. Looks awesome.

Love me some soup when it cold.
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Looks good oldschool, we really like tater soup !
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Hot vichyssoise!

I love that stuff... Why would anyone want their soup cold?

Great job Stan!
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You broke down and ate some, now what about that word you always use? What was it?  Yeah I got it, Patience. So what happened to that patience..... LOL


Potato soup has been a long time favorite, but I can't wait over 30 mins of cooking time,...LOL

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That would sure warm up a winter day!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I did wait 4 hrs. , a cook has to taste the dish there , Kevin. Besides , there's enough for an Army. The kids come over tomorrow , guess what's for Dinner...


Thanks Wood , I don't do cold soup . :cool: I did have to tighten it up with a Roux when Trish got in... figures...


And someone ask for the recipe , it's in my post . Do what I did and cook it...


Have fun and  . . .

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Tasty looking tater stew Stan! This soup season!
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I loves me some tater soup.  I think I'll try to get some going this weekend.

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