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Looking forward to some pulled shots!
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Wow you're a trooper. Not enough beer to keep me going through that. In the end it is totally worth it. Looks great
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Ya, 27 hours definitely isn't the norm. It seems some people are occasionally plagued with the 16-20 hour butt, but for me it's every time. This was the most extreme case. I really wanted to try to keep it at 225 the whole time, but I already stayed up pretty late last night and was on track to do it again tonight. I still won't even pull it until around 10PM as it stands.

I don't think I'll put myself through this test again... Next time I'll probably just start out at 275. The final say on flavor will come tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it's safe to go ahead and say I'll be lighting both ends of my AMNPS from now on.
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Yea. I have 2 5+lbers I am smoking plus a venison roast 2-3 lber that I am smoking Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Needless to say I will be getting up super early to start incase this happens.
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This is just my personal opinion and I know there are others that feel the same way, but I would much rather eat my smoked food a day or two after it's done.  I don't know what it is, but all the flavors settle and I think it tastes much better.  Nothing wrong with serving it right off the smoker, but that's just my personal preference.  Either way, I hope yours doesn't take as long as mine!  Remember on mine I never foiled and kept the temp at 225 the whole time until the very end.  Most people foil at like 165 I think and a lot will smoke at 250-300. 


So the flavor is amazing, it's super juicy and tender, bark tastes great!  I had smoke rolling on this meat for 20 hours and pulled the AMNPS in fear that I really might be hitting the line where it's too much smoke.  I absolutely could have left it in and let it keep getting hit with more smoke! 


Here are the final pictures:


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Looks great! The last two I have done I smoked between 250-275. No foil it sits in a foil pan with apple juice and gets a spritz every 2 hrs until 205 then it gets put to sleep for a bit. Imay do it Tuesday depending on work.
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Those look really good.  I guess 27 hours is not too much to ask for.

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