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Using wood with bark

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I have some pecan wood I want to use for a smoke next week but most of the splits have bark on them.  Is it necessary to remove the bark or can I burn it without concern?  Thanks.

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Nope use it all.

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I use a lot of pecan with the bark. It is seasoned though.

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Thank you, MJeffcoat and Squirrel.

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Only reason I peel Bark is if it is falling off any how...


Have fun and. . .

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I burn bark and all.

Happy smoken.


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All here too

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I burn it bark or no bark. I throw loose bark away.
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If the barks thick, like ohia, I take it off; if it's thin I leave it on.
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Maybe it's just in my mind..but i always have a good smoke ring using bark..

I was searching the site about using bark in my new smokehouse and ran across this thread..

Does anyone else think bark causes a bigger smoke ring ???

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