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Tri tip in the cold weather...

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Well, I defrosted a tri tip and since smoked on my weber is my favorite way to prepare it, I will brave the unseasonably cold weather. Here she is, about 1.75 pounds:

And with a coating of Worcester and my new favorite seasoning blend:

Game plan is to cook on the weber indirect at about 350 until it reaches about 110-115 and then reverse sear it until it gets to about 125 at the thickest point. That way I get some rare for myself and some medium rare for my wife and daughter. Going to use some mesquite and cherry. I'll be back!
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We'll be here watching... Coffee.gif

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Ewwwwwheee. Can't wait to see this.
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I will be cooking with ya in the cold.



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Well, cooked fast, maybe 35 minutes because the temps were running high and it was a thin piece. Pulled at 125.

Foil, towel, coolered it until dinner time.
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Alright, let's see that thing sliced up!
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Well here it is after a nap in the cooler...

And all that lovely juice...

The big reveal...

And some sliced/dinner shots...

Added a little guacamole on there...

Overall, it came out great. Tenderness was great and the rub really gave it a great flavor. The doneness was perfect because some was medium rare and some was was medium which my wife and daughter prefer. Would have liked more smokiness but that's probably a result of the short cook time. Wasn't going to go out too many times to check the grill temp. It was todo damn cold haha. Thanks for looking!
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Looks great.
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Dang son. Looks good
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A fine looking piece of beef. Salute!



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I have got to fine me one of those, they look delicious!


Great looking smoke!

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Tasty lookin TT, nice smoke !
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Thanks for the kind words everyone!  I am getting depressed as my stockpile of tri tip is dwindling and it has become one of my favorite cuts of beef.  Found a bunch at a local supermarket over the summer and jammed them in my already crowded freezer.  Haven't seen the cut anywhere since.  Hopefully the meat gods will smile upon me and just as I run out, there will be a fresh supply.  I'll just have to keep checking the stores every I do already haha.

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It looks very tasty! I found a deal a while back on them and bought a 50 LB case.

Happy smoken.


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Tasty looking tri tip! Nice Smoke!


I didn't get my usual fill this past year as the prices were to high and it never went on sale! I like to put the Tri tip in the Mini-wsm when the temps are low like 180° and let the temps rise up to about 265°. This gives the Tri-tip a good amount of smoke. Cook time still isn't very long 1- 1 1/2 hours to reach an IT of 130°.

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