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Ribs with a play by play. (Q View)

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Got a wild hair and decided to smoke the ribs instead of grill. Used Jeff's dry rub on one and a rub from the store on the other..... to do a side by side comparison under equal conditions.


No pics of the raw meat, mainly because I didn't think I was going to tell anyone.:hit:


Anyway, my MES side smokebox (which I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,!)


I have noticed that if I leave the top down, I get TBS (THICK Blue Smoke, instead of TBS THIN Blue Smoke)


So, I started with 1/3 apple chips, 1/3 Cherry chips, and 1/3 Hickory chips mixed well. 2 good handfuls of each (6 total)

Temp set at 220*



2 hours into the smoke... In the water pan is 8 ounces of apple cider. The meat is gray, 114*, and unappetizing at this point.



4 hours in...... and it stalls @149*



6 hours into it, 170* and pulled. Wrapped in aluminum foil with 1/2 of the remaining cider from the smoker



Sent to the corner to "think about what you have done" inside the cooler for about an hour.....






Lesson learned? 1 hour of prep time, 12 hours of marinading, 6 hours of smoking, 1 hour of resting....... and 3 adults tore it up in under 10 minutes.

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Looks great! You should have cooked more!
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Nice ribs , just not enough...I could eat 6 of those...:biggrin: :rotflmao:

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Great looking ribs. Lots of meat on them--just what I love
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Thanks guys. I know I should have made more, but the last 3 attempts I tried to smoke, they were less than stellar.Meat cost too much to experiment on.
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Looks GREAT! Next time keep the door shut or Bottom.gif.

Happy smoken.


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But..... there's no Q view with the door closed. ...
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