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Is propagating good mold possible?

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I have read that when aging/curing longer term things like salami and capicola, there are good molds and bad molds. It seems there are a few products that will enhance your  "good mold" population. I wonder if it is possible to buy a white covered sausage of some kind in hopes of colonizing other meats in teh same curing chamber with the good stuff?


I assume you can wet wipe it off and on another meat potentially?



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Fungus, here's a thread on the method of using harvesting white mold from another salami.


To be honest, I probably front the money to buy the real deal. Making salami isn't like making fresh or smoked sausage. It takes much more time, detail, and energy. I'd hate to have a salami that I made ruined by introducing something other than 100% of what I know to be a full proof ingredient.


On the other hand, I do love experimenting, and it's also likely that I'd try it once to see how it goes....let us know!

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You can innoculate your stuff with good mold cultures.

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Use ONLY the store bought mold cultures.... You could EASILY introduce a mold that is toxic... the good molds inhibit the bad molds from growing....
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It may be a matter of availability in canada and high pricing making it not worthwhile. What are the cultures that are used ?

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Sausage Maker has a list of Cures and Cultures it has available.... In the lower left corner, click on Shipping to Canada... Also check out Butcher and Packer....
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Where in Canada are you located FunGus?

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Originally Posted by Zalbar View Post

Where in Canada are you located FunGus?


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Make a 50 minute trip up to my neck of the woods (Montreal) and pick up what you need from BSA

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