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I had real bacon for the first time. Now I understand.

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I've eaten "bacon" my entire life. I wouldn't say I don't like it, but given the choice I'll opt for sausage or something else. I just never saw what all the fuss was about. And the Internet fueled bacon craze of the past few years has left me puzzled and slightly annoyed. Mind you, all my opinions and conclusions have been based on store bought bacon.
A few months ago we visited my wife's parents and her mom tossed a vacu sealed package of bacon in our cooler before we left. When we got home it was still frozen, so I chucked it in the freezer and pretty much forgot about it. Then this past Sunday I was making brunch and decided to go ahead and cook it. Oh my...
What I thought was just bacon turned out to be thick cut maple sugar cured, maple smoked bacon made by a local (to them in PA) farmer. To say it was good is a ridiculous understatement. The flavor was incredible. Just the right amount of salt and a slight hint of maple at the finish. The flavors developed in my mouth like a good wine, first salt, then smoke, then sweet morphing into maple. And the texture was incredible! It was crisp, but still tender. And the fat was this velvety, melty, insanely delicious stuff that I had no idea existed.
I was given a "bacon kit" last Christmas by a friend and never bothered to mess with it. Suffice to say the search is on for pork bellies. If I can come anywhere close to the glory that was the bacon I had Sunday afternoon I'll be a happy boy for sure. I feel so stupid for living this long without ever having real bacon.
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And you wondered why some of us were insisting on adding bacon to the glorious sandwich you made.....

Do you think it might be a good pairing now ....

I'm laughing like crazy at your thread..... I'm almost in tears....
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^^^^^^^^. Ha ha
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Hoping I can afford some soon , th_dunno-1[1].gif

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LOL..... just stop it, you're killin me....


Bacon is good, but think about all the smoke time. Its almost a religious experience.


I just can't believe you have missed the bacon addiction.

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Jeez, if I'd known real bacon was this good I'd have been making it for years. It really can't even be considered in the same species as store bought.
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Just remember, when you make your own you will NEVER be able to eat store bought again.

Trust me.
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This is too funny!

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Great bacon is a work of art. You have been eating paint by numbers now you have tried the Mona Lisa!



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