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2014 South Florida Gathering PICTURE THREAD

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Awesome time this year as i said in our official thread(!


Here are pictures from Kevin (@Tiki Guy ) and more to follow! 



The ladies...sitting around talking about the men (haha)


Got the smoker going early in the day! 


Jeramy (JarJarChef) and his wife Charlene (i probably spelled that wrong)


Jeramy's cooking assistant and cook station security 


Don (@OrlandoSmoKing) and Van (@Van Holton) chatting it up over the grinder


Keith (@JckDanls 07) was our sausage master this year! Thanks for all the hard work and keeping up on top of the sausge making


Don, Van and Keith stuffing some Kielbasa 




Recipe notes on the door for sausage and jerky!






One of our new additions this year, Craig (@nimrod)




Round 1 of sausage ready for a 10 hour smoke! Jerky is on the top row and has been smoking for a few hours already




Budweiser WSM made by Keith and Rob haha


Everyone is busy so the chairs are empty


A full smoker is a happy smoker...from left to right we have Don's famous Wicked baked beans with pulled pork, mojo chicken, my competition ribs, and some black beans and rice

Don's beans were a hit!


Mini...the canine matriarch of the gathering 


Kieth's wife Charlotte and her son Rob





Jeremy's ribs and new cooking rig







Prepping my ribs for the foiling!



Jeramy's foiling art!


 From Left to right...Kieth (@JckDanls 07), Me (@dougmays) and Van (@Van Holton)


Somebody umbrella'd ma beer





But but we wanna judge the competition also!


Some much needed Cornhole (bean bag  toss)


Rob and his son Robbie 



Our esteemed judges this year tasting ribs!





Hopefully that is a face of enjoyment as i believe she is trying my rib




Passing out more napkins for the ribs






Jeramy's First Place ribs before going to the judges


My Second Place ribs before going to the judges



Don's First Place Something Special category winner!


Happy Judges 





Entries 1-5





Finally the rest of us get to eat!


And relax by a fire


Rob giving some lessons :)


Latin music because the popular playlist saturday night



Keith still going strong with the snack sticks


Beef Jerky and some of @Lisa B's cards. Her Vacuum Seal bags were 

very helpful packaging up all the stuff we made this weekend











Frying up some of the first batch of sausage



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Here are the pictures taken from my phone


Packed up and ready to head out, got a late start. And my trailer doesnt really sit like that, my drive has some weird slants to it.


After some rush hours traffic and a couple stops i'm finally here in the dark





Keith getting his smokehouse electrodes all electroded up :)


Keith and Rob's setup


My home for the next 4 days


Keith's amazing smoked ham


Rob made 3 types of meatloaf!


I sauteed up some teriyaki okra


Dinner is served!

 Coiling Snack Sticks






 Vac Sealing and divvying up snack sticks! Thanks again to @Lisa B for her generous contribution of the sealing bags



Keith and Don

Take 2


Sunday night grilled up some Skirt Steak (pictured) and venison 

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Wholly Cow.. where do I start... Let me just say a big "THANK YOU to Jeff and all the sponsor's that donated to this years Gathering again... Each year the gathering gets better and better.. New members come each year and make it bigger.... So for now, until I get back home (another week), Thanks....
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