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Nice Day with the ECB

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DSC01001.JPG 5,376k .JPG file Folks, 


Had a great day with my heavily modded ECB. Installed some dome vents and made a different charcoal rack based on an idea I found on line. Made some fantastic Spare Ribs.  Basically did a 2-2-1 with Hickory chunks and chips sprinkled on during the final stage, I used Dusty Roads Rub.  Temp stayed steady at 225 for most of the smoke.  I used a fraction of the coals I used to prior to the Pan Mod.  For those with an ECB, highly recommend the pan mod.  Its not quite a WSM, but its a distant second for sure. 


I used the Lava Pan from a ECB Electric, on line for $10. Was more expensive to ship. I took the ECB Legs and mounted them to the Lava Pan. I then took some 6" Stainless bolts and put the charcoal pan in the lava pan.   Here are the results







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Would love to see the photos, but I'd have to download them just to have a look.  Can you try editing your post and posting them as pictures, rather than attachments?  Look for the insert image" button.


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Where did ya get the damper vents for the roof, and what brand are they? Do you have a damper for the lava pan also? Do you have any pictures of your firepan with mods? What kind of rope did you seal your lid with and where did ya get it? Thanks a ton, love the mods.
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The vents are weber bought on Amazon. The pan is a lava pan from an electric ECB. The holes that are in it are plenty, they keep airflow going. The ECB as designed is tough to add charcoal to and even tougher to maintain the temps. Stay tuned, will have some better, more detailed pics of my ECB this weekend.
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