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That's why 'Patience' is your friend... learn to not worry and your job will be easier...


And JJ is correct, remove the Cap on Picnics , however ,I leave it on my Shoulders. :drool Makes good Bark...

Understood, and thanks!

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If it had a flat or "T" shaped bone , it was a Butt. It just surprises me that they left the tough Skin on. I have been smoking/roasting pork butts for 30 years and the only one I ever had with skin on was custom cut. That skin can be eaten by either finishing the butt in a hot oven or removing it at the end and popping it in a 350-400°F oven to crisp while the butt is resting. If that is not your thing, toss it to you or your neighbors Dog, they would be your best friend for life...JJ

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If it looks like the bottom pic in Chefs post, you have a butt.  There might even be a bit of the blade bone in there which is not shown in the pic. If so the bone looks like this depending on how they cut the butt:




Sometimes it will look like the bottom example in the pic above.  I have had some cuts where it was just a two inch sliver of bone.  All depends on what they did with it?


On the therm reading?  As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to get a different therm reading in different places on the roast.  You can see there are different muscles running through there.  There is also the possibility of getting the therm into a pocket of fat.


Be patient. Take it to temp.  Butts are actually very forgiving.  After they get done driving you crazy.  :biggrin:


Good luck and good smoking.

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