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Reverse sear bone-in KC Strip

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Kosher salt & black pepper on one side. Seasoned salt & black pepper on the other. Smoked it with pecan & then seared it over the same.

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Looks awesome, can't beat a good ole RS steak ! Yours look real tasty ! icon14.gif
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Looks good enough to eat! Better start more!
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It looks GREAT! I can almost taste the crunch as I bite inĀ :biggrin:.

Happy smoken.


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Nice looking steak. What makes it a "KC" strip? Is that a different cut?
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Oh man, that looks awesome.

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I believe it's the layer of fat on one side.
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Tasty looking steak! Nice Smoke!
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Ooooo. Perfect Seasoning and Marvelous looking finish to a nice Strip.Thumbs Up

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Looks delicious...nicely done! icon14.gif

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Nice job looks great love reverse searing my steaks

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