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Decided to do this because I have smoked spanish mackerel just done.



This is one of the classic Anglo/Indian dishes. British colonial forces finding a way to combine food they new with food they didn't.

Its essentially a type of fried rice dish with curry spices,smoked fish & boiled eggs,some veg I am not putting dahl in mine.

It was often a breakfast dish or light lunch & a means of eating fish when fresh fish was hard to get or keep fresh.

Its hot here I can't get excited about big bits of meat.

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Poaching fish in whole milk ,water,bay leaf,fennel seed. About ten minutes or until fish flakes .cool in liquid. Remove fish ,flake into biggish bits. Save a cup of poaching liquid.


Cook one cup of basmati rice the way you like it.Drain ,cool fluff up with fork.

Chop 1 onion, 1 red bell pepper,1 clove of garlic,bit of ginger size of your thumb.2  crushed cardamon pods.

Fry that in a pan in butter then add 1 tab mild curry powder.Cook until onion soft.

Add fish & rice cook gently 3 minutes .Add reserved  poaching liquid , 3 hard boiled eggs cut in quarters.Chopped parsley or cilantro ,up to you,cook 2 minutes.

Season salt pepper.Serve with lemon wedges. Flat bread maybe an Indian mango chutney.

This isn't meant to be super spicy,its history suggests its a bit of a gentle meal for those who need a gentle touch,hung over or desperate for something thats not going to burn.

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Thats it on the plate.


I used the eggs as garnish rather than cooking them through.

I havent cooked this before. You here it talked about by British people or see it on TV. They use smoked haddock or cod.

Its really a version of breakfast:439:.Milk ,eggs,bread etc.Some people make it a bit more porridge like ,I went more dry. 

No real heat ,just the spices in the curry powder,ginger,garlic.CBP.

Nice way to use smoked fish,I have enough for tomorrow,easy.


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You are amazing with food!!! What a treat!! Cheers! - Leah

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