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Another snack stick first timer

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Well I decided to try my hand at some sticks. Used a recipe I found on here somewhere, try to post a link later. I used 4 lbs of 85/15 ground beef and 1 lb of Ground pork.

Second time stuffing anything

In the smoker now we will see what happens.
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Looking good Ryno! I'll take one of those with a cold one.:beercheer:

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Having some issues. You can kind of tell by picture I have some grease between casing and meat. My other issue is I can't seem to get them up to 155. After 6 hours on the smoker I pulled them off and put them in the oven at 175. Hopefully finish them that way. Don't know if I opened the door up to much or what. I left them out this morning for about 2 hours. I then loaded them up at 105 for 30 minutes. Them I bumped to 130 for 45 minutes. I bumped to 150 and hit what smoke I could for hour and half. Then bumped to 155 for an hour, 160 for an hour, then 170 for a little over 2 before I pulled them. Am I too impatient?

Edit: after 30 minutes in oven checked one and was at 160. Right into ice bath and now they are hanging. Had to sample a couple and the flavor is good but I would say less than half of the casings are pulled away from the meat. Any input is appreciated
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When I do sticks, after the initial smoke at 120 deg. F for 4 hours or so, I set the smoker at 150-160 ish and come back 24 hours later.... they don't fat out.... and I don't use water in my smoker except for brisket....
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Thanks for the input. I didnt use any water either, had the pan in empty to try to help with heat distribution.
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fill the pan with sand and cover it with foil to help with clean up..... makes for more thermal mass.....
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Sticks are lookin good ! icon14.gif
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Looks good Do you have a designated thermometer or the one on the smoker?? did you check it for the correct temp??


How was the final product??


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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As others said, I don;t know if your temps are truly as low as you mentioned BUT... here is a good solution any time you find yourself guessing if it is done.


You don;t have to use your smoker to cook your snack sticks or sausage.


Especially with thin diameter sausage like your snack sticks, this method will take all the guess work out.


Did you use curing salt? That is my first question, if not, next time do so.


Use curing salt and smoke your sticks at a low temperature for hours until you think you have enough smoke.


30 min before you are going to take your sausage out of the smoker, prepare a water bath at 165 degrees.


Take your sausage out of the smoker and place in your water batch for 8-10 minutes (it will NOT overcook if you have the water bath at 165).  Then pull it out and hang to bloom for an hour.


Your snack sticks are safely cooked and will NOT lose the smoke flavor. In fact, smoking it low and slow for as long as you wish (and using curing salt) will give you the heavy smoke flavor you want on snack sticks.


I have done this many times with all types of casing.

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I did use curing salt, I tsp for the 5 lbs. I do not have a separate thermometer in the smoker, just the smoker itself. It was also about 40 degrees outside and I'm sure it cooled off quickly when I opened the door. That was when it seemed to spike as i am sure it was heating hard and it seemed to go about 10 degrees over my setting. Thanks for the help I may try the water bath next time. What's the easiest way to do so, on the stove top?
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