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Hello from Howell

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How is everyone doing?  I am finally deciding what to do to have a smoker.  Right now I just moved back from NE where I was working as a deputy, and still haven't landed that full time gig yet here so can't build the permanent house that I want to build.  So I am debating between a smokehouse that would be movable and charcoal fired, a vertical Brinkmann, or a fridge build but that I would rather be built a permanent.  

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Welcome to the site and Livingston county! Sounds like you have some choices to make on the smoker build.
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Right now I am probably just going to end up with a UDS because of the ease of making it.  Going to spend some time looking at the fridge today.

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I used a full size food warmer for my electric smoker.  It takes full 18x26 sheet treys.  Lots of them.  :)

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Welcome to the group Eric!


I had the chance to see Cams smoker in action this past summer.  Hugh, but it worked great!

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Weclome Eric. Yeah stick with something you can move since you are not settled yet. All smokers have quirks and once you learned them, you would hate to leave it behind and have to start again somewhere else. Good luck and keep us posted on your build.

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