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Cayenne in Brats

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I was looking at making a batch of Shooter Rick's Attitude brats, and was curious how spicy 2tsp of cayenne is in 5lbs of brats. How many stars on the 5 star scale? I'm guessing a 2, but would like opinions.

Also, can I just sub nfdm for the soy?

thanks all!
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Mickey, morning..... Below are descriptions of the products and what they are expected to add to your product....

As a rule, I generally add 1/2 of the maximum recommended amount to sausage I make... I use SPC (soy protein concentrate) only because I have it... I'm seriously leaning to "stop using it" because of some stuff I have read... I have recently started using Amesphos... a water binder... If you read about extenders and general binders, fillers such as oatmeal, can have their flavor improved by roasting in the oven for a nuttier flavor... same goes with flours... I'm thinking of trying roasted rice as an extender also.... As an example, if making a poultry sausage, cook the browned rice in chicken stock for added flavor.... it can be browned in a frying pan also.. like Rice-A-Roni... am I dating myself here... Heck, add R-A-R to your poultry sausage if you don't mind all the additives... but I digress...

As far as the cayenne goes, what amount did Rick add and what were his comments.... I'm not familiar with his recipe.... Dave
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I wouldn't rhink 2tsp of cayenne would knock anyone's socks off, but you might feel differently. You could start with one and do a taste test, then add more if necessary.
And yes, you can sub the nfdm, it works very well.
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Mickey, I use 6 grams of Cayenne and 2 gram of crushed red pepper flakes in a 5 lb batch of my Andouille. It's a nice heat that sticks with you and let's you know it's there and makes you want to take another bite. It's by no means too hot to handle. 


According to the calculator on the spreadsheet I use for spices, the 6 grams of Cayenne equates to 3.33 tsp. I would go by weight though because it's more accurate. How about a full recipe your using? I do love hot sausages!

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Thanks for the replies guys, I'm just using what looks like Rick's original Attitude Brats recipe.

I got a batch coming up where spicy is a good thing, so I'm thinking I'll bump up the cayenne to 3tsp and see what we get. Or stick to 2 tsp and add a couple diced jalepenos. Qview to come, will be making the batch on Sunday.
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