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MES 30 airflow

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I have read a few places that the airflow in the MES leaves something to be desired when using the amazen smoke tray.  Here's an idea that I would like some feed back on.  Currently I have been pulling out the smoke chip dump tray thing out a few inches and turn it to the dump position.  What if I was to create a metal plug that would fit in its place, drill a small hole in it and pass some copper tube through that was connected to an aquarium air pump.  Would this increase the airflow enough to help the smoke tray breathe?


If I do this, I will take pics throughout the process.



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You have a first gen or 2nd gen?

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2nd, just updated my sig to show what I have,

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I have a 1st gen, sorry.


Maybe someone else will stop by.

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Pull the entire exhaust vent out on the left side. A 3 inch adjustable vent elbow from HD or Lowes fits exactly in its place. Get a rotating flap butterfly and install in the elbow to adjust flow. Total cost about 14 bucks. You'll have all the flow and control you need.
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Hi, I smoke in a corner that has poor  air flow. Check out the easy damper mod of RiverRat. there are several others from other posters.   Jted

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