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Dead Forum??

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Hi Everyone,  The only notices I get from this forum is this:      




Surely there is much more going on :).





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I No longer get the notifications, but if you look at the new posts you'll see there is a lot going on here.
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Once signing in to the forum, hold your pointer over the Forums button to the right of Home on the main bar.  Soon a sub-bar section will pop up leading to all the forums, but at the top is:




New Posts.  You click on that and it will give you all the new posts in all, or whatever you wish, to view.  There is tons of stuff going on all the time!   Now, your view may not look like mine as I have a bit higher access level, but the basics are still the same.

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Sometimes I don't get the drop-down when I hover over Forums, but if I hover over anything else then go back to Forums I get the drop-down.

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