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Well i moved from Choctaw to Newalla Oklahoma , its only about 6 miles from where i lived in Choctaw but ..............i NOW have 2&1/2 acres of land a pond and a workshop and a coverd area for all of my smokers!!!!!


the worst part was packing and I WILL NEVER MAKE FUN OF MOVERS/PACKERS OR ANY ONE ELSE THAT DOES THAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


after i was done packing all of my stuff "which took five days , after each day i could barly move,walk,sit,laydown or breath!!

i had muscles that hurt that i never knew i had and thats even after being in the Army !!


On a great note my "new" neighbor has two wood smokers in his back yard ! and as soon as i able to walk i will get over there to talk to him !!


hope to see more smokers in my area !!


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I hope I never have to move again, but if I do I'm hiring pros. Sounds like your new place is pretty awesome. If you get the time maybe you could share some pictures. I would love to have a pond. Is it stocked?

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I'll bet you inhaled a lot of dust, shuffling that stuff around!

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Look at the bright side. It is over and time to smoke!

Happy smoken.


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Originally Posted by themule69 View Post

Look at the bright side. It is over and time to smoke!


That's what she said.


Could NOT resist, too good of a setup

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Thanks for the chuckles. I moved in March....during a rare snow storm here in the Western side of Oregon.....moved, I'm almost embarrassed to admit, 2 driveways down but into much nicer digs with a 2 bay shop and on a half acre. GF was caretaking for her mother who had knee replacement so I humped all down and in myself with a borrowed hand truck from my neighbor after first having to shovel out not one, but two driveways. I rented a truck for the last big stuff...wall unit, couches, bed etc and had help with that but most everybody was still snowed I was about dead and still am trying to locate some stuff....God knows where I stuck it. On the bright side, I've recovered and love it here. I tell everybody...the next time I move it will be in a body bag....this is it.

moving day after shoveling out the drive


new digs in Spring

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