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How much pellets do I use to smoke a 6lb. pork picnic?

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Fill the tray and when the meat is done, knock the burning ones back. You can not depend on a certain amount of pellets, the IT of the meat will let you know.

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I am 3hrs in now and almost 2 rows on my AMNPS are almost burnt. How can I slow it down?
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What smoker are you using?

Maybe close some intake air.

Post some pics?
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Ok, here's what happened to me last night. Left smoker (mes30) going last night. Power went off don't know what time, went to bed at 10:30pm woke up at 6:30am and IT was 150. You think meat is still good? I have it in the oven now.
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What was the it when you went to sleep?
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Didn't take temp. It was going for 3hrs. Was going to take temp when I got up at 6am. It was a 6lb picnic. It's in the oven now and IT got to 170 pretty quick. Meat should be ok, right?
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If it went up that fast in the oven I would say yes. Smell it then taste a small piece to be safe

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I'm sure one of our safety experts will be around shortly. The main concern I'm sure they will have is if you reached the 140 in 4 rule. @Chef JimmyJ what are your thoughts on this one Chef?
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1 hr. 10min. IT is 200. Should be good to go right?
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