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Thanks for the info dirtworldmike I will give that a try this coming weekend.
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Originally Posted by beefy bill View Post

I have heard wrapping them does speed up the process. The Texas crutch or something? I did one, without wrapping, took 16 hrs to reach 180. My air temp. Is the only thing I'm unsure of, as I do not trust the gage on thesmoker. I am investing in a fix asap. So I'm assuming at least That long again. How long do yours take? Maybe I will start early in the morning then wrap them.

Not sure what kind of smoker you have and what temps your pit can reach but I've smoked 8lb butts at 300 degrees (wrapped) and had them done in seven hours.

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Those sure do look good! When did you wrap them? Was it 300 degrees the whole time? I'm smoking these tomorrow morning 5 am sharp, and all of your guys input is making the planning go well..
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Wrapped around 160ish. Lightly rubbed with yellow mustard and added more rub right before wrapping. Temps were around 300 for most of cook.
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Did you add mustard and rub before wrapping or just more rub. How does that affect the bark if you wrap right after adding rub.
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Rub and mustard before initially went on pit. Then rub and mustard again before wrap. Careful not to rip up bark when applying before wrap.
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Well guys, they're rubbed and ready .had to go to 3 different stores...and the one in the back is a picnic.
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Those look good, when are you starting them?

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They went on at 530 am. Foiled them after 8 hrs. 176deg. Right now...smell amazing...
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Stalled out at that weird?
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Can't wait for some que view. It is a bit weird with then being wrapped. What is the temp in your smoker. Are you using a separate thermometer. Did it stall or just really slow down, if your smoker it's running cold the last few degrees take forever.
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I'm up around 250. It plowed it's way to 194, stayed for an hour. Just bumped up to 196..
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You never know with the stall temp, but make sure your probe is in a good spot in the meat and not too close to the bone. That could give you a false temp and fool you into thinking the stall is at that high of a temp. 

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It stuck for 1 hour, climbed to 200 real nice, this stuff is unreal. Pics soon...
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If was 34 degrees out when I started. The 2 bigger ones finished together and before the smaller one, which is a picnic. Took 15 hrs pulled em out at 200, they are absolutely delicious! Thanks to all of you guys and bearcarvers post on smokin butts. My master forge worked well, had to adjust a bit as the meat and the day got warmer, but no real issues.
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Looks great
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Thanks again guys. Served it up at my daughter's birthday party and it was a huge hit. People were taking bowls home! Can't wait for my next project...
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