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Beef Sticks

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Found the camera late standard meat mix from the sausage maker Stuffed and resting over night


Smoking in the AMNPS at 125* F ( Hickory & Alder )


Pulled at 157* F

Super moist money shot

Thanks for looking

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I have been wanting to make sticks.


You might be getting a PM.    Thumbs Up

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I could eat a couple pounds of that tonight, during our nightly movie!!!Thumbs Up




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Dang it man them look good, you got some great smoke on them it looks like.

Those won't be around very long I am sure.

A full smoker is a happy smoker

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Tasty looking sticks! I'd take a batch or three!!! Nice Smoke!
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Thanks guys.. These will last a few weeks I vac sealed and froze some for fishing trips. Thanks for the point.

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Looks good! I sure do like snack sticks. I might could live off of them if i didn't have other meat to tempt me :sausage:.

Happy smoken.


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Originally Posted by Amanda View Post

Looks yummy. I sure do like snack sticks too..Unfortunately, I have no time to make it on my own and was so happy to discover  Chomps Snack Stick, as it saves my time and health. Chomps are all natural, ultra premium jerky that is unlike any other! Made out of 100% grass fed beef, gluten free and paleo friendly.You can get them for very convenient price


You sound like a commercial....

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look good....I'd start on the next batch ASAP....they won't last long, freezer or no

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Originally Posted by rgautheir20420 View Post


You sound like a commercial....


LOL---Probably is!!




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Nice looking sticks and great qview. Kudos!



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