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Rib Roast (Prime Rib)..

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I've had this beast taking up space in the freezer for a while now, it was time it saw some smoke. Defrosted and ready to go.
7.75 lbs.

Cut down between the Ribs and meat, following the contour of the ribs as you go.

Season well with Salt, pepper, Onion Powder and minced garlic. A little EVOO to help spread it around too.

String it up well and season the outside with the same. 
Hooks in and ready to launch.

Into the PBC with KB.

@2:45 minutes, we reached an IT of 120. Time to pull.

Tent foiled for 20 minutes. Cut the bones completely off and started slicing.

My plate. Served with Scalloped taters and sauteed mushrooms.

Closer look.

Yea, that hit the spot alright. And No, I couldn't finish that plate! 

Leftovers will be just as good tonight.
Thanks for looking.
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Hello.  When I saw that second pict. my first thought was OMG NO!!  Don't remove the bones!!  Picts 3 and 4 reassured me.  VERY fine job!!  That's a fantastic looking prime rib and a great looking plate of food.  BTW, my invitation seems to have been lost in the mail.  th_dunno-1[1].gif  :icon_biggrin:  Good job!  Keep Smokin!


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Wow. Awesome cook Sam
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Sam that's a work of art! I love your method of hanging the roast! For that you get :points:


I better go find lunch before I eat the monitor!

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That looks amazing. Great job!!! icon14.gif
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Nice looking rib!
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Thanks everyone!


The rest of that beast got sliced up real thin and vac sealed for future french dip sammies.

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Amazing!! I like the rebar rack. 2.45 doesn't seem long at all. Wonder if I could pull it off on an ECB?
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:drool: WOW! I could live off of that. Very nicely done.

Happy smoken.


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That looks amazing Sam!

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Thanks everyone! 

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This is obviously a terrific looking roast but your qview is an art form. Love it!





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Dang it Sam!!!!! That looks flippin awesome!!!!!! Great job, Nice post and very informative. I'd eat that for sure!!!


A full smoker is a happy smoker and if I was your smoker I would be very happy :points:



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Tundra 330😜😜😜
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Great Job,  Looks mighty Tasty  -------   Do you deliver ?



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Yup---Awesome looking Prime Rib, Sam!!:drool------------:points:


And I've seen a few in my time!!


I'd be all over a slice of that in a hurry!!!:drool:drool




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Sam, nice job looks divine !

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Looks great.
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Great looking meal!


I would have finished that plate.  Then I would have suffered through a terrible night!


When I was younger I could eat like that?


How you ever had leftovers is beyond me!


Good luck and good smoking.

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