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Pulled the electric smoker (my 1st)

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Just purchased my first smoker! THANKS TO ALL! I have been lurking out here for quite some time with a couple of posts and learned a lot. I went for the masterbuilt 20070910 electric digital model. For ~$175 seems like a great way to get started. Now the fun begins (and questions)


So I have learned enough to be dangerous. So here's a question. I am going to do the tile mod (assuming the hot spot is still an issue). I'd also like to get an Amaze-n pellet tray. So here's the question. I'm not sure about the existing wood chip tray and location of the AMZNPS


1. Do I even install the existing tray if I am not going to use it? If not, what have you used to cover that hole in the smoker?


2. Where exactly do you put the chip tray? I thought from bottom up it's drip tray, smoke tray, water bowl (with sand) but wasn't exactly sure.


Thoughts? THANKS!!!

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Don't have a MES so know little about them, but, found this off the search bar

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Thanks!  In particular, thanks for not bashing me for not finding it myself :drool:

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Mine came already assembled, so the chip tray was already in there. The AMNPS will fit nice and snug on the left side of the chip tray right on top of the 2 bars. You'll just need to remove a very small screw on the outer left side of the chip tray. When using the AMNPS, you'll just pull the chip loaded out a couple of inches and pull the chip tray out an inch and you're good to go. This is exactly how I've done it.

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THANKS!  Just really cannot wait to get started and try it out!!! 

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