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Reverse Flow Build

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Okay guys, so I am a newbie to the site but not quite a newbie to smoking. I just recently started a custom smoker build and thought I would start a thread on it. I am wanting to do a rear facing firebox with a reverse flow smoke chamber. All I have done so far is cut my door and cap my pipe. My cooking chamber is made out of a piece of 24", 3/8 thick pipe, cute 40" long. Not real sure on whether I am wanting to go with a square firebox or a cylindrical firebox to make the cooking chamber. But stick with me, it's an "after work build" so I will be a working progress! Here are a few pics of what I have done so far..datu8yme.jpg
Capped, welded up on the inside and out. Outside edges smoothed and rounded to give a "solid one piece" look. deqyqe9e.jpg

I'm also open to suggestions and comments. Good and bad, and criticism! Hope yall enjoy the build, I know I'm going too!
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here is a thread to a build I did last spring http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/161138/heres-what-i-have-so-far-suggestions

I used a pipe much like yours with flat ends and ended up with some issued with the heat getting choked up at the one end.  if you look at the thread you can see that I used a scoop on the one end to let the air flow past my RF plate.  You might want to think about adding that in to your design.


 As a metal shop teacher I give your welds an A :-)

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Haha much appreciated. And okay I will look into that. The only thing is with my firebox on the back, my RF plate will come from the rear and there will be a gap all the way across the front, thus the radius of the pipe moving the upwards and across my meat. At least that's how I can see it working. Lol
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I also have an update on the build. I was able to work another couple hours on my smoker today. I got the legs put on so I can finally get her self standing and got my door and hinges and door stop welded on! I know the legs look skinny but they are 1/4" thick and I plan on connecting all the legs together making a 1 foot deep basket to hold all of my wood..here are a few pictures of today's progress! 





Also please excuse the lifting eye on the door, i was in the shop alone and that was the easiest way to lift it by myself and the overhead crane. haha It will be cut off! 

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So jealous of the shop.  Will keep an eye on this one. 

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I was able to finally do a little more work on the smoker today after work..i got the stack built and counter sunk into the chamber and welded up, and i also got the flatbar welded onto the lip of the door to help seal it up. Im going to order and attach a nomex smoker gasket under the lip for a good air-tight seal. Also got into the chamber while i had the torch out, and was able to cut out the firebox entrance hole. Tell me what you guys think so far. Feel free to add suggestions and comment as you please. Positive or negative! Hope you guys are enjoying it so far! 




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looking good so far... when you put the seal on the door, you may have to redo your hinges as the seal will hold the door open... will keep an eye out...
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Yea i thought about that after i welded them on. But that won't be bad, metabo and grinder and shes off! lol 

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Sorry for the delay guys, it has been a busy past week and a bit and haven't had a chance to work on the smoker. But I finally got around to doing a little more on it. I was able to get my firebox fabbed up and put together. Welded up from the inside for now but I should be able to get to the outside for looks later this week. Here is a few pics of the box. It is an 18x18x20. 88f43d294caa26d5a91a19f36bb64156.jpg

Like I said, it's going to be slow coming but she is coming along! Just a little at a time!
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Well I got a little bit more time to work on the smoker today and well, she's starting to take shape! I redid the legs and put a little bit beefier legs on it. Also got all of the firebox welded up and then hole cut for the transition. Mounted the box to the smoker and got the side transition plates welded up. Just one step closer. 115037d578b438f3a715bfdea4d3d01e.jpg
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Well this is my first time seeing a set up like this one with such a vertical transfer of heat and the "not so typical" RF set up.  I LOVE IT!  Reasonable man theory leads me to believe that it will be an extremely fuel efficient cooker.  Something I would think about is the occasional cleaning process.  If you could allow your heat transfer tunnel (only thing I can call it) to be installed and inch or more inside the cooking chamber...allowing for a good water hose steam cleaning to be done successfully without the water leaking into the "hot box".  I'm just talking long term care thats all.  Thread saved for seeing the final product!



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Haha preciate it! That's kind of why I went with this idea. It's different but still a reverse flow style. That's a good idea you have with the cleaning. I never thought of anything like. I will definitely look into that
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Looks good so far! I look forward to seeing some smoke.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks guys. I'm very anxious to get it finished. Hoping to get it built by Christmas so I can christen it for the new year
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Very nice! Are you going to mount a RF plate in the center of the cook chamber? If so, remember with a center firebox, you can cut down on the area under the plate and the opening at the ends since the smoke has two places to escape and doesn't have as far to go.

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Yes I am going to add one. It will going all the way from across from side to side and extend from the back to the front leaving about a 40in long by 6in deep gap up front
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Got back to my smoker today for a little while. Was able to get two of the smaller cooking/warming grates in and the RF plate welded in. Also got my table/grate around the outside of the cooker. All that's left is the full cooking grate inside, the wood bin, and painting!! She's almost finished!! I'm starting to smell the smoke!!!! 2161f18aa8fb72824c02b98eeb8ecb63.jpg919503e478fe9850dd2e8ee5f5844e40.jpg52431f4adf5262a13a099c4a194cc1ae.jpge390d7e8668d0257c2bca56fefc6f295.jpg
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Got a little more done. The only thing left now is thermometer and paint!! So close I can taste it!! 31e32d3db2b940e2057025d70cd5da63.jpg6768ffcd6df8021f649d377f660a4983.jpgc965adebb0842bb5dce9579383a79df5.jpg9be0657761643676476fb803a0037615.jpg
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Well for whoever is still watching the progress, I am finally finished!!! Sandblasted and painted today and now burning the inside out and getting ready to season it. Just in time for New Years Dinner!! aa9e6834963717577a22fd02c2be9591.jpgde59179dc031ec24bb51f295469e3d96.jpg788b3cf89fd5442cac5a6a00225a3013.jpg22d284c4afbfb4c2cc97d57d4aaba7b0.jpg
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Looks great! What are you going to cook for New Years?

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