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Box Style Modified Brinkman

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So I have an Economy Side Fire Box Pit that I no longer use much for grilling.  (Got the Weber Summit 6 grill with wood basket that I use for grilling on now.)  Anyway, I was thinking of modifying the Brinkman to be more of a box smoker.  Basically removing the door from the main pit.  Attaching Aluminum angle to the existing legs about 5' high with some side bracing.  Then adding aluminum sheeting for the walls and ceiling, making a box.  Use the existing chimney off the Brinkman at the top of the box that has a dampener for the new chimney.  Could add sheet insulation to the outside of the aluminum sheet to conserve heat & seal w/ aluminum tape.

Not sure if the firebox would provide enough heat for this large of an area, but I could always use the bottom of the main pit if needed.  I process my own deer meat and want to be able to hang about 50lbs + of sausage links and smoke.  It wouldn't look all that pretty, but I don't care about looks, just want something functional and cheap.  I have all the aluminum already so I wouldn't be out much as far as materials go. 


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No Comments?  Just got my Saw Blade in to cut the Aluminum channel with today.  Will start Mod's this weekend. :icon_smile:

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Got the frame made and door installed.  Also have two shelf trays installed but not shown in the pics.  Picked up the aluminum sheeting today.  Thus far I'm only out the $21 for the blade I needed to cut the aluminum channel.  Figure I'll spend another $20 on Polyiso Insulation board and aluminum tape.  I'll post some more pics as progress continues.







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Man it's pretty tall you'll definitely be able to hang a lot of sausage in there. I'm all about building shit myself especially out of metal
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I'm definitely interested to see how this turns out
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 I'm watching.



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Well, have had other priorities, but finally got around to putting the Aluminum Sheeting on.  I have three racks for grates and one rack at the top for hanging, of course I could hang from all three if needed.  Have to find where to purchase the grates for the racks that I can custom cut or trim.  I'll put the insulation on sometime next week and give it a test run.  Plan on mounting at least two maybe three temperature gauges.  She ain't pretty, but hopefully functional.  Off to the the Venison Trails this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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Got the Polyiso Board installed.  Now just need to determine what to use for racks.  Not that I'll use the racks that often.  I was thinking of Carbon Steel Expanded Metal.  I know Stainless would be better, but they are very proud of SS Expanded metal.  I guess Oven Racks would work better, but the opening between the wires on oven racks is pretty wide.  Can probably get oven racks from a broken oven at a appliance repair shop.  The standard BBQ replacement racks are not wide enough for this beast.  Gonna install a 2nd Temperature gauge on the side wall, then give her a test run.  Thus far invested about $40 bucks on this project.



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Trying her out for Christmas with a brisket and fresh ham. Holding fairly steady at 225. No venison yet😢😢. [IMG]
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Just before wrapping
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Wrapped and on the summit
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Not to bad for the first time. Thinner portion was a little dry.
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