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My reverse flow trailer build

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Hey guys, new here and recently build my first large smoker. I currently use a WSM and love it, but I'm a tinkerer and have enough materials at my disposal that I decided to build a large rf smoker trailer...I utilized felons calc but enlarged many of the dimensions as needed, a lot of it was created with whatever I had available and put together as easy as possible, with the recent purchase of a tel tru for the cc I am still at around $200 for the whole rig haha...Open for ANY comments/critiques/suggestions on possible changes...can't wait to get smoking on it this weekend!

The start to the firebox, rod stock grating with an angle iron frame, hinged and turnbuckle Ash drop on the bottom

Finished firebox, used an 8 in stove pipe and damper for air intake

Attached firebox to fuel barrel with calculated Halfmoon opening

Added stovepipe stack, springhandles, and began cutting lid

Opening cut and 7" bullet hinges installed, also added 2" strap steel for overlap to seals

1/8" baffle plate installed along with angle iron grate frames, also made a front diamond plate utensil tray

Sandblasted and painted with 2000* vht flameproof paint

Stainless steel expanded grates added on studs with wing nuts for removal

Fully bolted to an aluminum jet ski trailer (other side is soon to be a green treated meat prep table with storage and a wood box) China hat added and Buick hood struts added and insulated with adhesive header wrap...Also used fireplace rope gasket for sealing and buckle style latches for hold down

The final seasoning (sprayed with veggie oil and ran hard on cherry wood) after a rugged series of burn out procedure it went through before

So far it has been maintaining extremely even heat and proper flow, I have since added a 6" damper in the exhaust stack for more control and am working on proper fire building techniques...I will be doing its first meat smoke this weekend with some ribs and fatties, definitely excited to get to know it! Couldn't of done it without the bountiful amounts of info on this awesome site! Thanks for lookin!
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Nice looking rig. I see many years of great Q in your future. I also see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

Happy smoken.


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Will do! Thank you!
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