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Bradley racks and or the mats

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Hello everyone,Ive seen the videos on the mat that my 30 in MBS can use but they mainly say its for fish and veggies.Then I came across the Bradley jerky rack.


Some say that the are a tight fit or wont fit at all unless you mod them.


Having said all that can anyone recommend either-both or something else.Im looking to have a rack/mat that will make easy transport to and from the smoker to the kitchen.It seems the mat might be weak as far as bigger meat -but ive read those Bradley racks are a tight fit(some have used a dremel drill to make fit).


Kinda wish now I would have got the 40 inch MBS.Oh well life goes on.

Thanks for any and all advice-Good smoking to all.Peace

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I use the silicone mats that are sold by Todd at his a-maze-n site. They are great but you are right they are not stiff. I transport on a cookie sheet then move it into the smoker.   Jted

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I use the regular Bradley racks and love them. You need to measure your racks against the Bradley's to see if they fit. No problem for the MES 40 Gen 2 I had (I returned it). The racks are great because you just put everything on them and lay them on top of the grill racks. Then just take off the Bradley's, put them on a sheet pan so you don't leave a trail and take it with you.

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Just ordered the A-Maze-N Q-Matz.  Haven't tried them yet but will soon.  They have good reviews

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