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Monkey Nutz

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These may be a bit too much British!

These are a bit of a mistake, I thought I had taken some Chicken Goujons out of the freezer, but when they had defrosted found out they were Diced Chicken Breast instead! Dilemma, how can I smoke these small cubes of Chicken?

Monkey Nutz!

Added Salt & Pepper to Chicken,

Made some Traditional British Sage & Onion Stuffing,

Lay Streaky Bacon on a chopping board, then with a knife, almost flat to the board, apply a little pressure and run it over the bacon so it stretches it out, making it thin.

Take some stuffing and place a cube of chicken in the middle

and encase with stuffing

Then wrap in a piece of the bacon.

Cooked at 105'C (225'F) for two hours until IT was 74'C (165'F) , crisp the Bacon under the Grill.

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Tasty looking Appetizer!

Points for working with what you had!
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Thanks Dirtsailor, the only problem I have now is coming up with a new recepie for the Chicken Goujons, as I have the Name for it Monkey Fingerz!

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Those could be interesting! I'm thinking a touch of bbq sauce in the stuffing and an extra slice of bacon! Quit giving me these ideas Smoking Monkey!
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Hi b-one, thought of injecting chicken with a sauce. I kept the bacon thin so it would crisp, and was easy to bite through as the Stuffing is quite soft, and it would ouze out.

We see a lot of members ideas here, but we take them and adapt them to our taste.

Pick it up and run with it. (Might use that as my statement!)

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Intresting , and Trish would like them too , she loves Stuffing.


Thanks for the idea , and yes, pick it up and run with it thumb1.gif


That's on my to do list...

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Great idea! May have to play with this one a bit....
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