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Seen the pics, but how did the brisket come out for you?  

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Brisket was awesome.  The flat was a little dry, but that's what my wife likes.  I'm a point guy.  I like the fatty cuts.  I tried my had at a split brisket now I am confident I can do it I am planning a whole, and I will slice and vacuum seal portion sized amount and freeze for a quick reheat meal.  I have some beef ribs on now will take a picture the next time I check them.  Happy Smoke!

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Beef ribs!
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I'm in be right here



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Question for the group. What's you usual temperature drop when adding wood? And how long to recover?
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Just check on ribs.

Looking good. Figured I would check temp.

Just about done. I like my ribs messy, so I mop a sauce on at this point. I usually finish ribs at 200 and then rap and rest.
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Man those are looking great



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Chase, Everything looks good. Both the cooker and the meat. I don't really that you are the first person to realize your symptoms of the mental illness. Probably most of us are looking at the grocery store ads before the sports. Good luck and good smoking, Joe
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