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Sounds great! It's great to know you live so close. Hey where do you get your wood for your smoker from? That is if you use wood.
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I've got a couple of different places
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Try these two numbers. 502-262-4730. Or 502-381-7399. Let me know if they work out for you.
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Will do thanks a bunch!
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I live in Nicholasville and I used to smoke on my Chargriller pro with SFB. But now i smoke with my new MES 40 BT. 

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Welcome smokingearl,let us know if we can help with anything
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Live in Bowling Green. Smoke on a WSM. Just joined the KY group. Love this forum.
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Welcome AO312! This is a great forum. Glad your here. Everyone here is very helpful. Looking forward to seeing some of your bbq pics!
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I live in Richmond. And cook on a master built 30" smoker,, I'm new. Any suggestions. Thank you.
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I used to be active at SMF.  Joined when I started cooking 'Cue in 2006-7 (thanks to great help gained here from many) and living in metro Detroit.  I now live in Tulsa area.   I was born in KY and have family west of Paducah so consider that are of 'Cue the style I grew up on. (Leigh's in Kevil or Starnes in Paducah locally)   -   Love Kentucky style 'Que so joined this group.   But I have become very good at brisket, etc thanks to many here (and some other spin off sites) --  Thanks for listening. 

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Hello everyone. Just moved to Radcliff from Michigan. I use a Chargriller Pro to smoke on. Still trying to find places to buy good meat and wood to use for smoking. I use all wood logs and would like to find a place that sells bags of different flavors. I have heard good things about Boone's Butcher for meat and will check them out soon. anyone have any idea on where to get good wood at around me. 

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