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Thoughts on a Cold Smoker

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OK ya'll here are my thoughts....Please let me know what ya'll think....


Find and old dresser something like this:


Pull the drawers out, add racks and figure out a door for it


Drill a hole in the top for the chimney 


Drill some holes in the left side for the airflow for the A-maze-n pellet


I would also want to figure out a way to hang sausage and belly for bacon.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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First thought is you would have to make sure EVERY bit of varnish is removed, and varnish is made to soak into the wood.  Second: most of those are made from pine.  Heat in that small of an area and using pine ( unlined I assume ) isn't the best choice.  Third: when you start adding heat to furniture of that sort the glue may break down easily.  Who knows what glue they used ( is it safe for human consumption??  Are the fumes toxic?? ) and will the whole thing fall apart from the heat?  I know you are talking cold smoker but at what temp does that varnish and glue break down?  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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I don't see any problems as long as it is only used for cold smoking! Hell you can cold smoke in a cardboard box with the A-maze-n pellet.
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It would need to be solid wood, or plywood, not particle board or composite. Depending on the wood (aromatic cedar wouldn't be a good choice) you would be fine using it as a cold smoker. As for making a door take the fronts off the drawers. Run a few vertical boards and screw them together. There's your door. Doesn't need to be airtight. I like a leaky smoker for cold smoking ensures the smoke is moving and not becoming stagnant.
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