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geb, hello. Good to know you...


Your Butt problem is easy , I do a lot of them since they are cheaper than Beef th_dunno-1[1].gif . I do a simpler method than some and get great results .


I like the taste of Hickory and use that with  Maple to tone it down . This works with any wood , Maple is a milder sweeter wood and found everywhere here in the States . It complements other wood and gives a great flavor even by itself ( especially


on Poultry).


My method , simply clean the meat (quick rinse) rub with Spices and place in a heated Smoker and leave it be until my probe says 200*F , remove , rest , and pull .


 un-wrapped till done then wrap and cooler...


The Bone usually falls out , see it on the right?


As for the 'stall' , you'll need to learn 'patience' , then you'll begin your road to BBQ Zen... may  Karma help and guide you...