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Beer Can Chicken

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It's a rainy dull day in the UK, but not done a smoke form awhile, due to family and work commitments.

So grabbed a chicken from the fridge, rubbed it with Piri Piri Rub,

Using John Smiths Bitter in this "Beer Can Chicken Pan" I picked up at the beginning of the year from The Range.

All rubbed up!

Onto the GMG JB smoker set at 162'C (325'F)

Took two hours to cook.

Sorry of carved pictures, family would not wait!

Smokin Monkey 38.gif
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Nice job bud, great looking bird and a great beer!

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I could see how that would disappear as soon as carved. Nice job on the bird Smokin Monkey

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Nice job , Monkey .


BCC is always a hit...


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks knifebld, tropics & oldschool for your feedback! tasted really good!

Hoping to do something this weekend to add to the Monkey Collection! ?

Smokin Monkey
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Good looking Yard Bird   :drool: 

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