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I agree.. get a cutting wheel for your grinder (assuming you have one)... and also as mentioned... I don't think you need a smaller basket but a better way to control air... you will be using way more than a half a chimney of charcoal anyways... If you really want a smaller basket just put a divider of the same expanded metal in the existing basket.... that way you have the option of 2 different sized baskets in one...
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Jaez, I am wowed by your progress and final appearance. This is another idea of smoker I was going to attempt but my ideas got me to where I am.  (in fact, I had 1500 free brick delivery 20 minutes ago) 


We/I share the same difficulty with brick/block laying but anyone can do it with patients as our good friend Wes and others had told me many times. I had seen other newbies, local and internet both try and succeed!!


I am currently building a "replica" of Wes' smoker with a few twists, will all be posted this next year.


I applaud your efforts as the rest of us builders!! 


We all could just settle for a charbroil tin can, but this shows hobbyists an insight of enjoyment to your personal life!!

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Well, I fired it up a couple times before Turkey Day and tried to dry out the wood.  The wood was so wet when I was cutting it that I could see the water oozing out around the cuts.  I had a hard time getting the temp up over 275, but on Turkey Day it magically (probably finally dried out the wood enough) got up to about 310.  Now I just need to tinker with it a little to dial it in even better.  


I need to seal up some cracks in the top... It's been raining for the last couple days and when I looked inside to see if it was getting wet or not I found a good sized stream of water running down the back wall.  I'm also thinking about adding on a little smoking cubby somewhere since the tube smoker wouldn't stay lit.  I was running a bit hot for it, but I think there isn't going to be enough oxygen for it at the lower temps either...


Here's a pic from the first run.  This is about an hour into the smoke.  I can slide in up to 5 racks that are all 2'x2'... That's going to be a lot of ribs sometime soon... :grilling_smilie:




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Looks good!

Happy smoken.


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looks great

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I'm hungry. Very nice smoker!
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Well, last weekend I took a hammer to the firebox and ripped out the bottom layer of blocks so that I have more room in there.  It was only about 10-12 inches tall and a pain to reload when the charcoal started getting low.  Now I have it laid out so that there is almost a 2 foot high opening.  I just need to mix up some mortar and set the new blocks in place.  Going to try and do that this weekend.  Will post some new pics unless I get lazy and do nothing over the weekend...

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Jaez,   looking awesome!    I told a friend a while back, if it will bake in the oven, it'll smoke in the smoker.  It just take twiced as long and is 10 times better.  :-)   

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Nice looking smoker and Grub 



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