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smoking sausage

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Hello everyone, I have a question for you guys I smoked the sausage few different ways and it never came dark brown or golden usually kind of white and yellow so I asked some people around here and they have different opinions to keep vent fully open or close do not use the maybe someone would tell me please what is the right way to do it,thank you
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You didn't say what kind of smoker you have. But not knowing I will be general. Keep the top vent wide open all of the time. A lot of people prefer to replace the water with sand and wrap with foil. What kind of sausage are you making?

Happy smoken.


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Thank you so much

at least not last problem is solved i had always dilemma who is right now i see most of the people prefer to keep the vent widely open...about sausage so i'm making mostly polish farmers with garlic tried also with juniper and with hot peppers all of these from pork about smoker i'm using is Masterbuilt 30" with digital controller which is alright except meat probe is not working too good i did call service so they sent me a new probe but still the same.....hahaha thanks again for quick response


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