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Pellicle on Salmon

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Hi everyone,

Going to smoke my first atlantic salmon soon and still debating on a yoshida sauce marinate with ginger and red chili pepper flake or a dry brine consisting of brown sugar and non iodized salt with garlic and onion powder for a 6-8hrs.

My main concern is after the brining process and patting them dry how long do i need or can i leave the salmon out? I live in Hawaii and right now its rather humid and hot (even in the morning).

Any advice would be appreciated.
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You can put a fan on it and wait until there is a good completed glaze over all of it. That will keep in the fat. Don't let it get hotter than 135 degrees when you smoke it. Good luck.

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If you're not sure which brine to use, why not try both?  I personally do a dry brine of brown sugar, salt, garlic.  I also room dry the fish for 2+ hours. 
Also, I prefer to see the fish cooked until the IT (internal temp) reaches 140+ before pulling it, just to make sure it is cooked enough.
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