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This years chili crop

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The chili crop in the greenhouse was not as good as in previous years - probably due to the cold wet spell we had in the spring/early summer. I have been using them fresh for the last month however now the leaves are really starting to yellow it is time to preserve the rest of the crop.


A bit of a mixed bag...



Hananeros, Anchos, Mole, Birds Eye and Jalapeno



In smoker whole for 12 hours before being cut in half and then smoked for a further 36 hours. Smoked with an Oak / Hickory mix


Then dried on racks in oven (50 C - 120 F) for a further 48 hours until fully dry. 



Ground and packed.



I did mix the Birds Eye in with the Jalapeno together for the grind so I guess it isn't strictly speaking Chipotle.


Not masses amount once dried and ground so it wont last very long here. But before I go back to the shop bought chili as least we will have the satisfaction in knowing we are eating our own produce.

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They look good. I always like to use my own veggies any chance I can.

Happy smoken.


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Nice Job Wade!

Smokin Monkey
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I would love to have some of those peppers in my kitchen. Kudos, Sir!



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Hello my friend. Not all that bad a cop from sunny ole Blighty.  Looks like some good food ahead.  Keep Smokin!


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Wade, very nice job those look great, I had a bunch of left over japs and cayennes that I am putting into pickles, may have to save some just for a nice crushing to put in with my smoked salt. 


Great Job!!



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Thanks DS

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Thank you for the link, this is exactly what I am wanting to do. What temp are you smoking at? Maybe missing it above, I didn't see it.
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They were cold smoked using my AMNPS like smoke generator. It was a fairly warm October - the temperature was around 15 C (60 F) while they were being smoked. The smoking visibly dehydrated them somewhat but it did not "cook" them. The actual drying was mainly done in the oven after they were smoked.

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So it does not look like you cut yours in half to allow more smoke to get into the peppers. Would suggest splitting them or using a fork to poke holes?
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Yes. I usually split mine after they have been in the smoker for a while and then continue smoking. You will see in the 3rd picture that they have been split. No real reason for doing it this way other than habit. You could split them before initially putting them in the smoker. They do need to be split though to help the drying process.

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Nice assortment 



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I see it now, thanks for the info, here are the peppers I am using. Might grab some reds to add more color to my chili. Not looking for a lot of heat since others will be eating it, but it has to have a good bite to it. Lol
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SO I see you said you did a cold smoke. I am planning on smoking between 180 to 200, any suggestions on how long I will need to smoke them for? I am planning on 1.5 to 2 hours for the chili meats. 

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Peppers are a smokin

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