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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post

There are more than a few here that have both the AMPs as well as the Masterbuilt and I like both. My next purchase will be a dust tube. I think then I can relax and just learn how to best use each one. I know a lot of folks here love their tubes too.


I haven't attempted cheese or fish or any of the main reasons for the cold smoke yet. I only bought the masterbuilt to try on sausage and andouille and lord knows when it'll get cool enough now to do some. Well and it was on one heck of a sale.


There is a thread on here by folks with the masterbuilt cold smokers and I believe if I remember correctly, that most were really happy. That was why I decided to give it a try. I even heard one person say they liked it enough that they were going to attach it to a freezer smoker so as to smoke more fish.

I really have not had a problem, but still learning. I was trying to use the cold smoker as a standard aux. smoke generator for long smokes. What I did see what a beautiful new color added to the meat vice the dark colors of the normal chips (thats a pretty color too, just different!).


I tried it on a turkey, well turkey legs, and I hope I can do it again the same way.




Can you adjust the amount of smoke with the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker, like David Williams asked???  I kicked that over to you, because I have no idea. You gave the political answer, answering everything but the question. :icon_rolleyes:   That's why I love ya.  :beercheer:


BTW: The Amazing Tube Smoker is for pellets---Not Dust.




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Its a hard question. Sure you can adjust the smoke by the quantity of chips placed in the tower. The tower can be refilled during the smoke cycle without opening the smoker, but its a small hold to hit and its hot. but its possible to do without opening the CC.


The same holds true with any smoker though. The same with the chip tray or the AMPs. You can control by the amount used. Just like you can control by the regulation of the exhaust vent. but cold smoking is about allowing the smoke to stay in the CC so its a good thing.


I have not tryed a true cold smoke with it yet. Its still too hot. Its my current understanding except with bacon you are looking at a short cold smoke anyway, most like 2 to at most 4 hours on fish, cheese, sausage,  etc.


I have read about others saying that the variable reostat is the way to go. I not liking electricity look for other ways.


I thought the tubes were for dust..... There I go showing my backside again.

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Thanks Foamy!!


I knew you'd come through!!


BTW: Bears don't like electric either..........




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