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Hey Deano, have you painted the outside of your drum yet ? What are you thinking of using on it and have you any idea how hot the drum might actually get ? I had a quick look at several UDS builds and most folks use high temp paint, I'm wondering if standard automotive paint would hold up as the drum has air flowing through it and shouldn't have any direct contact with the burning charcoal ?

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Hiya jock

I have just recently built my smoker and like yourself was confused with what paint to use....I went for the VHT engine enamel which after a some google foo research seem to have good reviews...from both BBQ's and motor bike enthusiasts.

I saw a lot of bad reviews regarding the halfords own brand of hi temp paint

The vht, if you go for the VHT caliper paint this will give you a matt finish where the VHT Enamel is nice gloss finish whitch is what I went for, if you look at my post looks quit good and glossy (black drum & yellow lid)
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Hi Jock,

I don't intend to paint this one it was just a practice drum really to make all my mistakes on before I get a better drum with a removable lid!

From the research I have done people seem to use the engine enamel paint. I have read a few reviews from people saying it's better to use a primer first to avoid the paint peeling off after a few cooks. Like Ade said before you get what you pay for so if you want long lasting results I'd do a bit research instead of buying the cheapest high temp paint available,I've made this mistake with many a purchase myself and it only leads to more money spent in the long run😔
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I took a similar approach but only on the lid to experiment on and get use to spray paint/cans, I think I regrinded the paint off the twice, once because I had a matt finish, second as I wasn't happy with the finish.

If it helps it took one and half cans for drum, and just under one can for the lid.

I got mine from Amazon about £7-ish per can.

Also during my research, people seem to lean towards the spray cans rather than tins of paint as the finish seems to be more natural

Like deano said, do your own research and see what you find is best for your self.

I'm no expert, very new to all this so only going off peoples experiences and recommendations off here or similar forums.

If you let us know your results and experience it may help people in similar situations, like myself.

Lots of good info on here especially the years of experience from Danny (when he is not on the wind-up) and wade
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"On the wind up"????    I haven't a clue what you're on about!  :icon_rolleyes:


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Finally got this sucker up and running!

Tested it on Thursday and it ran for about 5 hours on some lump wood charcoal ( about half a basket). My thermometer hadn't arrived so it was just to test everything worked as advertised and it seemed to go well though I had no clue of temperature!

I used charcoal briquettes in it today and shoved a small chicken in it when I had it steadily just over 200. I was using it at my uncles house because I stay in a flat👎 so I left it there and was getting temperature updates from him for around 4 hours.

The temp was fluctuating quite a bit but it was roughly around 270 for the most part of 4 hours! I was hoping to turn it half way to avoid cremating it on the bottom but I wasn't keen on leaving this task in my uncles hands haha. I used bilbos rub from the site( not sure how to link) and it turned out great apart from being a bit too charred on the outside, all part of the learning process!

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Excellent job Deano, I wouldn't know where to start

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Thanks for the input guys, I'm gonna have a crack at getting my drum ready for Christmas. I have a compressor and spray gun, that's why I was thinking of automotive paint, but I've taken your comments on board. My local scrappy has a few 6 X 4 sheets of expanded metal at £ 20 a pop, only thing is it's outside and a bit rusty, no problem for the fire basket but I was hoping to make a couple of grill racks from it too like the guys building offsets do.

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