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Fajitas :)-

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     Well , it's coming my (stepchild - long story) B-day. he's 26 on Mon. and wanted "DAD'S" famous Fajitas...


I will try to show all the steps and narrate the goings on...


First was a trip to my local grocer and on the wishes of SWMBO , I got some nice skinless boneless Breast and started off by washing them to get the MKT. crud off (blood , slick coating , etc.)


     Then after washing , I had to take a shot of the plumpness of these Breast


 These were huge , a good 2" thick and firm to the feel...


  I used an old Restaurant trick to split the pieces , sheet pan and sharp knife and they split great , two nice halves...

  See here how I used the edge of the sheet pan as a guide to split the chunks...


 see , equal pieces , works great... and when Butterflying meat , is a great helper to get even cuts.


 Now after all is cut , I put it in my "SOP" for a rest to suck up the flavor...


I usually marinade 24hrs. or so (more time in the soak and you get more flavor ... ) When I do some for me , I'll let them set for 3days or so...won't go bad in the "SOP" , too much acid ...


JJ , haven't heard your 2 cents on this recipe . . . you should really try it...


I'll be back tomorrow to show the finish , waiting for a good soak for the Breast  and will cook them tomorrow , with Q-view. :drool


Later , and as always . . .

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2 questions:
Where's the recipe for the SOP and what kind of chefs knife is that? The chicken looks like it'll be great and the knife looks awesome.
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Yeah what's SOP???? Slippery Old Prunes? Spoiled or Pungent?
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Don't know much about SOP, but love fajitas!!! Can't wait to see this one. Nice trick with the sheet pan.
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Opps:icon_exclaim: I forgot , some of you guys aren't familiar with my Texas slang... SOP , is another word for Marinade . I just got used to calling it SOP and not thinking. :ROTF Slippery old Prunes , that's funny...


I haven't decided what I am going to do with my recipe , it's involved and takes time . I worked for several years to get it where I wanted it , but it's now a great flavor . I was hoping JJ would try it and give me feedback... but none yet.


Let me ponder on sharing it , and how . I know it is good from all the comments I get from it... and the reorders for it from Family and Friends , PM me and we'll talk about it...


Thanks for the Kudos on the pan thingy , did a lot of meat that way in my Cook/Chef days... and as for slicing , when doing Cherry Tomatoes , place them in one sheet pan and another pan on top to steady them and use a Meat carving knife (long)


to slice them into even halves.


The knife is an old Chef knife I got years ago from some store ... Molybdenum steel , nothing fancy , I just put it to the stone now and then.


Thanks for the look and tune in tomorrow for the Ending...


Have fun and . . .

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Stan, anytime you're cooking I'm watching...
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Stan, my friend, I am embarrassed to say that for a few family reasons, I just have not had the opportunity to try it. It does look great and I am sure the flavor profile is perfect. Hopefully my situation will improve in the next few months and I will get to making it. I am really sorry I have been a disappointment...:icon_redface::th_crybaby2:...JJ

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Not ,disappointed , I realize you have been having probs. , and I pray you can work them out... the other half of a relation is as important as yours...


Don't give up... keep the faith in your relationship . And try that SOP:icon_exclaim::rotflmao:



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It should be good Stan. As said above nice trick on the slicing. I have an old board with a square whole in it that I use to use kind of like that for slicing jerky.

Happy smoken.


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Well, here's the finish and they turned out great (as usual) :biggrin: Too bad I couldn't have had some Beef in there, Mmmmm...


So on to the grill the chicky Boobys go and doing nicely , great smell of charring bird.......



The flip side , a bit of char , but that's good stuff :drool




How they looked before the fire...



And after they come off..... nice color and just enough charring to make them tasty :yahoo:



Slicing the bounty .....



and back for more . I got a FULL crockpot  of these , enough for 20 people :icon_eek:



sorry , not a good plate shot , but we were in a care facility with my "step Son , Javen. He had a truck run over him at his work site and was lifeflighted to the Hosp. . I was a worried man when I saw the Pics on FB. Went directly to the Hosp. and sat... All I could do , he did fine and is in great spirits now.


He's enjoying his favorite food now, and happy-happy-happy . Thumbs Up


 And here's the B-day boy ...


Thanks for dropping in on my Fajita cook...


Have fun and . . .

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First , I am glad he is ok.   Run over had to hurt.





Them things look fantastic.         WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY   better than hospital food.






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As Adam said. Glad he is doing better. I am sure your cooking improved his day. It does look good.

Happy smoken.


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Stan, great cook. But more importantly Godspeed to Javen and all of yor family. icon14.gif
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Late for the party again..........


Its hard to beat a good fajita. I always used to keep an eye out for when there was some cheap chicken tenders.


Those look mighty fine Stan. That's a great meal but don't give away all those Texas secrets. Hahaha!


Great job, he's a lucky kid.

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glad to see he's in good spirits....although, who wouldn't be after a plate full of those fabu looking 'jitas....well played, sir......Willie

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What a great meal and what a great thing to do for your step son!!  It shows that you are not only a awesome cook but a fantastic person as well.  Reinhard

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Great looking fajita!
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