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I have been going back and forth a for a few days on whether to buy 1 of the two smokers I am looking at or just combine the things  I like about both and build my own. I decided I could probably build my own for a little less money so I started the design phase. Its going to be based off of a vault but will not be reverse flow. It will have myron's water pan setup with refill reservoir on the outside. I will also add his sliding damper to the smoke stack. Does anyone have one where they can take some measurements for me? I tried to look online but cant find any. Need to know the dimensions of cooking cabiner and firebox so I can get a rough idea to scale mine up. Below is what I am looking at having



Overall 79" tall

Bottom  - 2"-4" stand with 6" rubber casters

6" Stack (dont know if I am going to make the top flat or into a peak. I could use these measurements from Pitmaker as well)


This leaves roughly 62" left


Inside dimensions are going to be 28"wide (so it can fit 2 steam pans on one rack) by 26" deep. I dont know how tall yet becasuse I dont know how big the firebox will need to be


Water pan will be 3-4" deep


Would like at least 5 shelves starting roughly 6" above the water pan.



Anyone that could provide help that would be great