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Quick help with a brisket

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Last night I put a nice size brisket into my WSM.  And I smoked it until 199* IT (normally, I'll take it as high as 205*). I had to run out for an hour and didn't want to leave it smoking while I was gone.  I wrapped it for a few hours and just sliced a piece off.  The smell is amazing as usual adn the flavor is really good; however, it's not as tender/butter soft as I like it.


In order to get the meat to be more tender (butter soft) should I put it in my oven at 250* and let it cook a bit longer.  If so, I assume keeping it wrapped in foil and perhaps putting some beef broth in with it.


Beef is not as forgiving as pork.  You can overcook a butt and it'll still be good.  Overcook beef and you have leather.



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I'd throw it into the oven as you laid out.  Take it to 205F then rest and slice.  Should be fine thumb1.gif



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Yeah, it's in the oven now.  Funny, last night I rode my Streetglide to Walmart.  I was looking for some cajun seasoning for some wings.  It started raining pretty good and it got dark fast.  As I passed the meat section, I saw a sweet nearly 11 lb brisket priced at $30.00.  I quickly grabbed it and left everything else in the store. 

It was a tight squeeze getting that big ol'  boy in my saddle bag.  And, I was so excited that I was hauling a$$ to get home to get it into my WSM.


Anyway, I'll post pics after it's done. 


Last question, normally I'll take the brisket off of the grill, wrap it in foil and put it in a cooler for a few hours.  Once it reaches my ideal IT, should I put it in the cooler again? Dang, I sound like a newbie.

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Id say you don't have to put it in the cooler.  $30 bucks?  Ummmm that's like 2.25 a pound.  I'm wondering if the toughness is the GRADE of the meat?  Do you remember if it was Choice, Prime? 



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Scott, I don't remember the grade but it's not tough like inferior. 


While I''m no expert at Briskets, (In the 12 + years I've been smoking, I've only smoked about a dozen briskets), I'm confident that I pulled it to soon.  The choice was, leave it in the smoker while I run my errand and risk over cooking it or pulling it sooner.  I chose the latter.


I can't wait.  I'm gonna use the flat for breakfast (I love brisket, eggs and grits.  Heck, this is the South).  And, I'm gonna chop and pull the point for buritto's.  I love a buritto with brisket.

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Probably the prudent move!!!



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Okay, I put the brisket in the oven, wrapped with foil and had some broth with it. Heated it up to 209*.  Let it sit for about 30 minutes.  Man, w/o a doubt, this is the best brisket I've ever had...


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Looks excellent! Just more proof that there's more than one way to skin a cat.
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Nice looking brisket! Enjoy your meals!
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