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Stall ????? THEN IT start to drop ????

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 Haven't been here in a while , and haven't smoked in a while .......
I hit a stall on a 5 pound brisket ( just now )   IT was stalled at 183....for abut 2 hrs .....then   IT dropped its now 180 ????
Never saw that ? anyone have a idea ?      fast ?    

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That can happen. Ride it out.
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  Thanks I guess I just got nervous and still am a bit now its 179 ?    

Should I increase the heat ?   ( been 220 6 hours )  

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Increasing the heat will help.

Foiling will help but it will hurt the bark.
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Sounds normal. Sometimes you'll see a dip in temp after the stall. You could bump the temp up if you want. I usually wouldn't go lower than 225 for brisket. Now a days I smoke all my briskets at 265-270. That's just my personal preference.
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c famer  I'm in no rush , just hate to ruin a good hunk a meat , thanks for the info I raised the temp to 225 and will ride it out.
I guess I better get my butt back on line here and do some more reading and posting        I just move to Florida and haven't used the smoker in a long while .....I had a electrician here today installing some outside plugs and a dedicated plug for my smoking area .....and I rushed it mixed up some rub......ran out got a brisket and started ......a little planing ....and maybe a earlyer start next time .    Thanks again....I'll let ya know how it turns out ...and Q- view next time   

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 Wow .......from 183 ....to 172 now ?   Gonna ride it out and hope for the best .....  I know Y'all are the best so Im gonna wait it out ....
Maybe the smoke gods are paying me back for a long time away from the smoker .....

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maybe move the probe to a different spot in the meat ???
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Just moved it ( thanks ) and it went up to 179 ......

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yea.. you probably had it in the fat...
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 NEVER saw it drop that much after a stall ...I mean I have had stalls for 2, 3 and 4 hours ,,,,,,rode um out but never saw it drop 
I will say it looked amazing when I opened it to move the prob  BLACK bark and can't wait to remove it wrap it rest it and have a late night snack 

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 Climbing now back to 183 ( the original stll temp ) 

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good deal.. your on your way to some good snacking...
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BTW... a bunch of us are getting together in Nov over in Sebring for a gathering... don't know if you'd be interested or not.. but here's the link to the thread.. you might have seen it already... but you and the family/friends are more than welcome to come join us.... if even just for a day ...

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A 10 degree drop is what I've seen before.  I'm analytical, almost to a fault, so I notice those little things.  I have enough experience under my belt now I'm considering foregoing the food probe all together until close to the end of the smoke.  That way I don't sweat the ups and downs, the starts and stops.  I have pretty good idea the earliest time a brisket or butt should be close to getting done depending on the chamber temp.  I can just relax and go about my business. 


BTW, it's been a while since a brisket graced my smoker. Too dang pricy.  Hopefully with the passing of the prime BBQ season prices will drop because I'm starting to get brisket envy.   

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 Tanks !     I didn't see it ( first day back to site )  That looks good I believe I will stop by and meet some of Y'all     Sounds like a good time  

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If your interested in camping.. Joe (Boykjo) is going to have to cancel.. so he is trying to hold his site for as long as he can for somebody that wants it.. as all the sites are filled up...
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 I'll let ya know in the morning after I talk to the wife .....we have not camped in years   so I want to make sure shes into it  

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FINALLY got to 203 degs IT so I pulled it foiled it and let it rest in a towel .......late night snack   AND breakfast this morning .  

Beautiful  tasty  bark, great pink smoke ring very juicy tasty    THANKS for helping me out last night guys ! 

Lesson learned ........ 

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