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What to do?

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I have a steel box 1/4 in metal. 48 on tall, 30inch wide, 20 inch deep .any ideas on what way to go with it.
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Hello.  The wife says it would make a GREAT strawberry planter.  Seriously now!  Please forgive me, I mean no disrespect.  We have no ideas of your skills.  We get these questions quite often with no background.  Do you weld?  Can you afford buying steel?  Do you want to feed 6 people or 25 people?  Are you thinking charcoal, propane or electric?  As you can see there are many questions unanswered questions.  A little more info would help.  Keep Smokin!


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would be easy to make electric... put a door on it.. a couple of vents.. a PID controller with heat element ... some slide out grates...
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I like the strawberry planter idea lol, I have the metal to build any way I need to, I can weld decent not the greatest but good enough to get by. I plan on using wood an charcoal . I'm wantn to build something I can feed a big group an use in competition next spring , hope this helps
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ok then... make a charcoal basket that sits about 3" off the bottom... cut some vents in it (intake, exhaust)... install angle iron on the sides for grates to slide in... put a door on it.. then show us all the good Q that comes out of it... biggrin.gif

we''ll get ya up and smoking in no time....
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Jckdnls that what I wasthinking , was goin to put a water pan as a heat buffer how far above the coals should the water pan be ?
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