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Turkey Breast

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Trying a 5+ lbs. Turkey Breast today

EVOO, lemon pepper, bbq rub, italian herbs under the skin

More EVOO and lemon pepper on the outside

TBS @ 250

1.5 hours in...looking good! Got some spuds smoking on the lower rack....more to come
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Gonna be tasty! Did my first turkey breast in the mini last winter, yumm!!!!
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3 hour mark . Debating on saucing it? Might just do it on the side?
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4.5 hours it the 165 mark

First time doing smoked spuds... They look good.

Everything gets a rest!
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Let's eat!
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Looks good, how was it?
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It was delicious, juicy, good smoke flavor but not too much. Mainly in the skin. The smoked potatoes were really good. A little butter, salt and pepper. Yum. They could have just been eaten plain. Yukon Gold's would be good on a shoe.
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Looks tasty! Try it naked next time. Remove the skin and save that for schmaltz. Then smoke the breast low and slow. You'll get more smoke into the breast and the outer part of the meat will form a nice jerky like crust.
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Good idea. I imagine a brine if you take the skin off would help? I was going to brine this one but didn't have time. Any other tips?
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Looks very tasty. Nice looking breast.



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